Connecting your business to emerging markets.

Meeraki Media is a strategic communications agency on a mission to connect North American businesses to growth opportunities in emerging markets with key focus on the Middle East & Africa (MEA) region.


We are your bridge, spanning the gap between cross-cultural dynamics, language barriers and time-zone challenges.


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our vision

Our vision is to be a support system engaged in the bolstering of trade relation between North America and global emerging markets.

We aim to champion this by helping North American businesses capture market share in

the emerging markets of Middle East and Africa. 

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partner networks

Get access to exclusive showcase opportunities through our partnerships with industry leading tradeshows and magazines.

At Meeraki Media, we take you to your audience wherever they are.

why meeraki media?

We take you to your audience. Period.

At Meeraki Media, we build up your brand position to span international markets through regionally relevant communications and strategic showcase platforms.

We don't ask your audience to find you, we take you to wherever they are.