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speakers bureau

Get access to strategic speaking opportunities to share your knowledge at industry-leading platforms targeting the markets of Middle East & Africa.

Leslie Juvin-Acker

emotional intelligence, money psychology, career development, social entrepreneurship, executive leadership

Leslie Juvin-Acker is an expert on the subjects of executive leadership, emotional intelligence, career development and strategy, and social entrepreneurship. Leslie has served leaders and employees at a diverse list of companies from action sports, consumer goods, food and beverage, finance, pharmaceuticals, entertainment, and more.

Dr. Iyad Al Attar

hvac, air filtration

Dr. Al-Attar is a mechanical engineer and an independent air filtration consultant. He is also a Visiting Academic Fellow in the School of Aerospace, Transport, and Manufacturing at Cranfield University, consulting for air quality and filter performance relevant to land-based gas turbines.

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